I'm currently available for
freelance and contract work.



An angular.js web app for calculating after-tax income.

Angular.js, Gulp.js, CoffeScript, HTML, CSS

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An online art generator inspired by glitch art and pixel art.

jQuery, jQuery-ui, Gulp.js, CoffeScript, HTML, CSS

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A Safari Extension that lets you view linked images on any site without leaving the page. This is also the engine powering the Lightbox on this page.

jQuery, CoffeScript, HTML, CSS

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A site that combines and displays youtube feeds. A work-in-progress side project for learning React.js.

JavaScript, JSX, React.js

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A simple web app for time tracking. Created in 2012 and not really updated since.

Backbone.js, jQuery, CoffeScript, HTML, Css

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A simple static blog generator written in ruby.


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A ruby script for searching for cars on craigslist. For educational purposes.


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Various Scripts

Various utilitarian/hack ruby scripts I've written for my own use.


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Recent Work

This code was written for Core-Apps and is in private repos, so the following are albums of screenshots.

FollowMe Audience Response Moderation [Gallery]

I collaborated on the UX design of this feature and was the sole developer of the front-end. It's a single page app with content that loads in real-time and allows the user to moderate, edit and re-order audience submissions in real-time.

Javascript, jQuery, HAML, Sass

FollowMe Data Importer [Gallery]

I was the sole developer of this user interface which was written from scratch in CoffeeScript. It guides clients through the process of importing their app data from CSV files.

CoffeScript, jQuery, Erb, Sass

FollowMe Views & Mockups [Gallery]

A sampling of the many views I designed and developed for the web app and mobile apps.

Javscript, HTML, Css