Hello, my name is Chris and I'm a web designer and developer.



A browser extension that allows you to quickly view linked media without leaving the page. Check out the demo or view it on the Chrome Webstore. It also handles the lightbox duties for the linked galleries in this portfolio.

jQuery, CoffeScript, HTML, SCSS

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An online art generator inspired by glitch art and pixel art. It fills your screen with pixels of the size and color of your choosing.

jQuery, jQuery-ui, Gulp, CoffeScript, HTML, CSS

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An Angular web app for estimating take home pay on a yearly, monthly or hourly basis.

Angular, Gulp, CoffeScript, HTML, CSS

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A simple web app prototype for time tracking.

Backbone, jQuery, CoffeScript, HTML, Css

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A ruby gem I wrote from scratch for generating a static blog.


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